Canon scoopic 16mm movie camera parts

•custom Circuit boards• $299 for both boards •cables•batteries•

•Ultra 16mm modification•lenses•chargers•spare parts

not like they used to make them - new and improved !!!

We believe that excellent tools can enable the artist to perform at their peak. The craftsmanship in the Canon Scoopic Cameras is hard to match, and their ease of use enables professionals and students to express themselves without the impediment of unnecessary bells and whistles .

We do not rebuild the cameras, we only provide and install masterful recreations, not refurbishments, of the most vulnerable part of the cameras, the circuit boards.  In the past 30 years since the cameras were introduced, the only resource for these valuable parts was to cannibalize existing cameras.  As they age, the capacitors and solder can release corrosive agents which will destroy the board and prevent just swapping on new parts, so we build the boards new, using 21st century technology to faithfully reproduce the boards.

The boards are rigorously tested before they are shipped to you, but we offer a 5 year 100% exchange on boards we install or a 3 year 100% exchange on boards we ship to you.  We stand behind our product, and are only interested in improving on this solid design and giving you the best possible product.


What you should know

Product Images:

  1. 1.$399 - Installation of new boards by our Technicians.  We recommend that your camera be serviced after installation by one of the vendors below or by a shop of your choice to bring the whole camera up to original condition while this is done, but it is not necessary. The installed boards come with a 5 year  100% replacement warranty.

  2. 2.$299 -  The bare board sets.  These come with a 3 year 100% replacement warranty if they fail.

  3. 3.$199 -  One of the two bare boards in the set sets.  These come with a 3 year 100% replacement warranty if they fail.

  4. 4.$45 - Bench Fee to diagnose your camera.




  1. 1.Bernie O’Doherty at Super16 Inc. - He doesn’t talk a lot about Scoopics, but Bernie does a great rebuild, we use him for our west coast maintenance. He also does the bets ULTRA16 conversions, so check them out !!

  2. 2.Scoopic Guy - This site provides a wealth of information, so please visit.

  3. 3.DuAll Camera - These are another alternative  for camera work and stock a wide variety of Camera parts and excellent services.